• March 20th, 2017 - by Katie B

    AmeriCAL Travels: NPOA in NOLA!


    Welcome back!

    In my previous post I mentioned that I had been invited to attend trade shows this year. So far I’ve attended two and they were both amazing! The latest show I attended was for National Print Owners Association’s 5th Annual Spring Conference in New Orleans, Louisiana. NPOA is an organization that aims to provide opportunities for printing businesses both large and small with various reports, research, and educational information to help keep companies up to date on new developments in the industry. NPOA members were able to meet and talk with other members as well as companies that provide services to printers at the trade show. As a representative of AmeriCAL I was part of a team that talked about what we as a sticker and label trade only company bring to the printing world.

    The trade show took place during Super Bowl weekend this year so we decided to have some fun with our table and turn it into a mini football field to show how you can score big with AmeriCAL! Keeping with our theme we brought along Super Bowl bingo “cards” for the folks who were watching the game the next day. Our “cards” were printed on our White Repositionable Film material perfect for taking those cards to any party and sticking them on tables and walls without worrying about ruining your host’s furniture or paint! The bingo included fun squares to mark off with our Super Bowl 51 markers during the game and commercials, which were printed on our Removable White Gloss.

    Another sample we brought along was our White Gloss. The sample was a simple 2 1/2″ circle with 2 of our standard spot colors. We used this sample to demonstrate some comparisons between AmeriCAL and some of our competitors. One of those comparisons answered a question that we Customer Service Representatives get a lot and that’s our cost of shipping. With AmeriCAL UPS Ground shipping is free excluding Laser Sheets as compared to our competitors whose charges can vary order to order.

    During the show we met a lot of people; some were long time customers while others are giving us the opportunity to work with them in a new partnership. Jess and I had a lot of fun eating at a local restaurant, I finally had Crawfish  etouffee and beignets! We strolled down Canal St. and saw the rails with passengers. This trip was definitely one for the books! We had fun at the trade show and in the Big Easy. I can’t wait to see where the next show takes us!

    Katie B.
    Customer Service Representative
    AmeriCAL, INC.

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