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    Thanks for Visiting Booth #420!

    Thank you to everyone that came out to the 2010 Print Solutions Conference and Expo in Baltimore, Maryland and visited our booth, #420.  We truly enjoyed meeting each one of you and appreciate the opportunity to quote and print your label and sticker orders.  We had great conversations about the types of labels and stickers AmeriCAL produces, turnaround time, combo runs, new trends and overall, what makes AmeriCAL stand out from the other 29 label converters at the show.  In case you weren’t able to stop by, here is how those conversations went:

    First, AmeriCAL produces a wide range of label solutions for the variety of applications labels can be used in.  We have our most popular shape and sizes printed with one spot color in our Fastship section, available as low as 250 up to 25M. From there we can produce up to 8 spot colors, 4-Color Process (Full Color) labels, static clings, bumper stickers, weatherproof (waterproof), parking permits, hot foil stamped and blind embossed labels.  Those are just a few categories out of our “America’s Source for Labels & Stickers” catalog, but we produce other specialty labels outside of our catalog.  Please contact us for specific information for your particular application.

    Second, our catalog turnaround time is set up based on the number of colors, as well as the material needed to produce that label.  Please refer to each category page in the catalog for specific turnaround time or if you have received a quote, look to the upper right hand corner of your quote.

    Third, spot color combo orders may be combined starting at a total quantity of 5,000 with a minimum of 500 per copy. Additional charges may apply, such as the ink, copy or stock changes. 4-Color Process combo orders may be combined starting at a total quantity of 5,000 (contact us for complete specifications).

    Fourth, it seems that trends come in two categories, industry trends and product trends. We have seen an increase orders for the independent wine/vineyard labels, craft breweries and organic markets. For new product trends, our economically priced Repositionable Ultra Semi-Gloss II material is being ordered more and more. This material can be used in direct mail, point of purchase applications, maintenance/janitorial notices, calendars and it is a cost efficient alternative to magnets (it can be applied to stainless steel without leaving a residue or ruining the finish). Contact us today for test samples.

    Lastly, what does make AmeriCAL stand out from the rest? Our foundation is built on the philosophy that we are a customer service company that just so happens to print and distribute labels and stickers. We are all reminded each day that if we don’t take care of you, someone else will. AmeriCAL is centrally located in Omaha, Nebraska and have been family owned and trade only company since 1983. We work side by side as a company to go above and beyond your expectations and create a relationship with you. Just ask any one of our Dealers, once we’ve got you, you don’t want to go anywhere else! 75% of our Dealers do business with AmeriCAL solely based on our Customer Service. We also provide a variety of label solutions, great pricing and sales tools to help you sell more labels and stickers. If AmeriCAL sounds like the type of company you would like to work with, please fill out our Dealer Registration form.

    Once again, thank you to everyone that stopped by and we are proud to be your Trade Only Source for Labels and Stickers!

    -Diane and Jessica
    AmeriCAL,  Inc.

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