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1439–Johannes Gutenberg invented the Mechanical Printing Press using movable type.

1880-1930–Lithography printed pieces of paper were attached to packaging using a gum adhesive and introducing industries and consumers to labels.

1930’s–The term “Self-Adhesive Label” was introduced to the printing industry by advancements made by R. Stanton Avery.

1980’s–Inkjet Printers were introduced to the consumer market and label templates were developed for business and personal use.

1983–AmeriCAL was established on November 1, with one employee, a homemade dark room, a one color press and a single phone line.

1985 to 1989–AmeriCAL expanded from one employee to three, and moved out of the garage and into an office space.

1990 to 2006–AmeriCAL quickly expanded their workforce and built a new building to hold their growing needs.

2006–AmeriCAL expanded to 49 employees and moved into an even larger building with a total of eight presses and two shifts.

2008–AmeriCAL celebrated their 25th Anniversary and continues their commitment to provide a quality product at reasonable prices to the trade only.

2010–AmeriCAL has been listening carefully to their valued Dealers and want to provide consistent support from the Customer Service support to when the package is shipped and now, online. Please take a few minutes to become familiar with our new site and let us know what you think here!

2013–Has it been 30 years already? The past 30 years have lead us down a path of continued success and growth. The prepress and production equipment available now compared to in 1983 is astonishing. The upgrades AmeriCAL has made is all to provide the most consistent well-rounded service and product. Our staff has expanded to 56 to support running 11 press in two shifts. Thank you for your continued support and business, we wouldn’t be here without you.